Create a Relaxing Space in Your Apartment

Beau Jardin

The apartments in St Louis can be decorated to create different spaces. Here's how to create a relaxing space in your apartment. Once you have your space, add in greenery. Nothing says relaxation more than nature. Pick the perfect chair. You will need a lounge chair that is the right height and and stylish, the the kind that you want to curl up in … [Read more...]

Find the Best Craft Beer at Kirkwood Station Brewing Company

Find the Best Craft Beer at Kirkwood Station Brewing Company

For fun things to do in St. Louis, head to Six Flags St. Louis, The St. Louis Zoo, or check out the famous Arch.  When you need to relax, find the best craft beers in St Louis at the Kirkwood Station Brewing Company. From the Big Five OH through Oatmeal Stout and on to the Pumpkin or Irish Red Ale, including the Ryenot Chocolate & Coffee, you … [Read more...]

4 Tips for the Perfect Furniture Arrangement in Your Apartment

Arranging Apartment Furniture

When it’s comes to living room design, the right furniture placement is important for the overall atmosphere. With these furniture organizing tips, your apartment will look and function its best. The Balance Act- Arranging furniture can be a balancing act when it comes to figuring out what type of scenery you would like. With symmetrical-balance, … [Read more...]

Celebrate Earth Day in St. Louis on April 22

Celebrate Earth Day in St Louis on April 22

In 2015, Earth Day falls on April 22nd.  St. Louis Earth Day prides itself on promoting every day as Earth Day throughout the community.  Here are some ways to celebrate Earth Day, both in your St. Louis apartment and in your community. St. Louis Earth Day Festival: Learning about environmental issues is a first step towards living a life that is … [Read more...]

Our Community Playground is Perfect for Family Time

Our Community Playground is Perfect for Family Time

Getting a great apartment for you and your family is likely one of your top priorities if you’re considering moving or you’re just not happy with the place that you’re in. However, finding an apartment that you and your family will love is about more than just the space you live in – it’s also about what the community has to offer you. If … [Read more...]