Our Community Swimming Pool is a Great Place to Cool Off This Summer

Pool at Apartment

Spring is officially here and summer is well on its way. At Beau Jardin apartments, residents will find a number of healthy options to keep themselves entertained during the summer. Not only can residents make use of the wonderful tennis courts and the community sauna, they also have the opportunity to relax at our community pool. There are plenty of … [Read more...]

Have a Great Time With Family at The St. Louis Storytelling Festival on May 1

Beau Jardin

St. Louis Spring Festivals are right around the corner! Take your family out and enjoy a day filled with amusement and fun. Learn more about the St. Louis Storytelling Festival below. For the 35th year, some of the most treasured storytellers of the nation are gathering in St. Louis  entertain families, students and teachers by sharing their tales. … [Read more...]

Traveling on Memorial Day Weekend? Utilize These 3 Tips to Travel With Less Stress

Beau Jardin

Traveling on Memorial Day weekend is a great way to recharge your mental batteries and get ready for spring. Unfortunately, because you are traveling in such a limited time frame, it can also lead to stressful situations. Follow these spring travel tips to have a more enjoyable, stress-free time away from home. Leave Early Whether you are taking a … [Read more...]

Make Your Old Furniture Work in Your New St. Louis Apartment

Beau Jardin

Although some furniture comes in standard sizes, other pieces are more customized and fit in a specific area of your home. When you move to our St Louis apartments of Beau Jardin, you mind find the new floor plan doesn’t accommodate your old furniture scheme. Never fear, there are always ways to make your old furniture work in your new … [Read more...]

The Lighted Tennis Court in Our St. Louis Apartments is Great for Spring Exercise

Beau Jardin

With your busy schedule, it's probably hard to fit in a workout before the sun goes down. If you don't get outside to workout during the daytime, your only option is sometimes to go to the gym and jog a few boring miles on a treadmill or ride a stationary bike. Luckily, this isn't the case when you live at Beau Jardin Apartments. Our lighted tennis … [Read more...]